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Art Paths

Short description
"Art Paths" is a project included in the Creative Europe program, with the aim of promoting artists in the European Union. The three partner countries will implement a cultural exchange centered on a traveling exhibition, "Art Paths", in which artists of different categories will exhibit their works, a journey through the thought and culture of the individual highlighted in artistic expression. Each country will be interested in publicizing the event through social networks, schools, radio, leafleting, telecommunications etc. thus guaranteeing a large turnout of public, also involving children, people with disabilities and disadvantaged groups of society, such as immigrants / migrants, etc. All the works on display can be purchased by the participating public. In the case of a live performance (music, dance, theater) it is possible to charge the public for a minimum entry ticket, if the artist deems it appropriate. During the exhibition, an impromptu will take place in which the artists inspired by the place, the music , from the colors, they will carry out works on site, which will remain the property of the host association, which will be required to exhibit them in a location of its choice until the complete conclusion of the project, later the works must be adequately guarded or they can also be sold.The project has a maximum duration of 48 months, during which each country will host the exhibition "Art Paths" and the participants for one time only for 5 consecutive days. The days will be divided as follows: Day 1: arrival of the participants Day 2: preparation and inauguration of the exhibition Day 3: exhibition and eventual choice of countries Day 4: impromptu and conclusion of the exhibition Day 5: departure of the participants The total fund for the project will be divided as follows: 60% European Fund 40% cooperation The total division as a percentage of the project will be: 50% Leading Subject 25% partner subject 1 25% partner subject 2 Each country will welcome the artists by choosing the appropriate location for a proper exposure of all works. The host countries will receive a 20% refund for any location management fees. The cost of travel and accommodation will be reimbursed to each participant. Eforms at the following link: https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/creative-europe/funding/support-european-cooperation-projects-2020_en

Dedalo Association is looking for...

Fields of activity
Music / Circus art / Street art / Puppetry / Tangible culture - historical sites and buildings / Tangible culture - Museums / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Intangible culture / Painting, drawing / Graphic arts / Photography / Sculpture / Digital arts / Film, Video / Decorative arts / Graphic design / Fashion design / Craftwork / Creative writing / Translation / Publishing / Architecture / Theatre / Dance

Target partner description
The partner must be available to promote culture through the organization of transnational mobility for little-known artists, particularly women, and through the creation of companies in the artistic sector.

Partner info:
Dedalo Association

Fields of activity
Theatre / Street art / Tangible culture - Museums / Intangible culture / Painting, drawing / Photography / Sculpture / Film, Video / Decorative arts /

ITALIA - Reggio di Calabria


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