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Art Aia - La Dolce Berlin

Short description
The site of an old Späti in the Turkish area of Wedding is becoming one of the most exciting alternative location for contemporary art, culture, authentic Italian food and Aperitifs in Berlin. In this space now a freelance couple of Film and Theater professionals share an artist studio run that transforms evenings and weekends into a venue where you can have a really good time. At La Dolce Berlin you can enjoy your unique Italian dinner, appreciate a wine testing / Aperitif and much more. If you are coming from outside Berlin we have an extra room for you to stay in. We also organize artistic events and exhibitions in a very homey and relaxed atmosphere.

Art Aia- Creatives \ In \ Residence is looking for...

Fields of activity
Theatre / Music / Puppetry / Painting, drawing / Graphic arts / Photography / Sculpture / Digital arts / Film, Video / Decorative arts / Graphic design / Fashion design / Craftwork / Creative writing

Target partner description
Would you like to exhibit your art in Berlin? We are a Pop-up gallery space where you can create your own temporary exhibition with the assistance of our art curator. You can show your last film, present your newest book, show your art or perform your piece. We will organize an artists talk if you like and prepare an excellent refreshment with our gorgeous wines for your personal event.If you come from outside Berlin you can stay in our guest room while you work on opening your solo show.

Partner info:
Art Aia- Creatives \ In \ Residence

Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Music / Tangible culture - historical sites and buildings / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Painting, drawing / Graphic

ITALIA - Sesto al Reghena (Pordenone)


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