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Short description
The show is based on the recovery of original canvases of the sixteenth / seventeenth century, especially from the Veneto area, and on the search for expressive forms typical of the commedia dell’arte. The drafting of the dramaturgy develops starting from the "scenarios" where the actors intervene with improvisations, to the "tirate" (lines) of Colombina, Arlecchino, Brighella, Pantalone, etc. There are also quotes from authors who are very grateful to this theatrical genre, born in the squares and then passed to the courts, becoming famous all over the world. For years the company of the Teatro Scientifico - Teatro Laboratorio has also been committed to the research and philological recovery of theatrical texts; the theater in fact counts in its repertoire numerous Commedia dell’Arte performances represented not only in Italy, but also in Europe and America. Jana Balkan and Ezio Maria Caserta have edited and published various books on the Commedia dell’arte, including "Artigianato d’Arte nella Commedia all’improvviso” e “Antropologia della maschera”. In addition to the show, a Commedia dell’arte workshop will also be available.


Fields of activity
Theatre / Circus art / Puppetry

Target partner description
Schools, theatre companies, research institutes.. Teatro Scientifico would like to join such a project as partner, as it is a small company with no experience in EU projects.

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Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Music / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Intangible culture

ITALIA - Verona


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