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AGON Orchestra

Short description
Ensemble Agon is a group of talented young musicians from various European countries that come together for a common project. In addition to performing in prestigious concert halls, this group intends to commit to bringing music to places that, for their destination, are not naturally predisposed to listening. The group aims to be a leading ensemble that can offer awareness work so that the European Union can also be celebrated by proposing and exploring both the classical and contemporary repertoire, combined with working in synergy with schools, young musicians, hospitals, nursing homes and community centres. Agon brings together talents from all over Europe, many of whom regularly perform with renowned orchestras such as the European Union Youth Orchestra (https://www.euyo.eu/) and the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester (http://www.gmjo.at/) , both founded by Maestro Claudio Abbado. As ambassadors of their own European country, the members aim to improve cultural and musical life throughout Europe. This demonstrates the spirit of the ensemble which is fully reflected in the name Agon: to amplify artistic expression by combining different cultures and traditions, as a confrontation or challenge of intellectual or artistic nature. The Agon initiative was born from an idea of Martino Moruzzi, a young clarinetists from Cremona, who had the opportunity to meet numerous musicians in different realities during his international artistic activities. Hence his desire to carry on the business, called precisely AGON, created with tenacity and passion by his father Mauro Moruzzi. Mauro was a clarinet player who left an indelible mark on the city of Cremona and its territory. Alongside his work as a professor at the Conservatories of Cremona and Cagliari and as a clarinettist at the orchestra of Italian Switzerland in Lugano, he also founded the musical association Agon, which had the aim of promoting local musicians and carrying out various initiatives throughout the territory of Cremona. Unfortunately, Mauro passed away in 1999 without accomplishing his dream of creating added value for the city of Cremona. Martino would like to continue what was an ambitious project. After meeting Matteo Torresetti, a young conductor with whom there is a harmony of intentions, the possibility of giving a concrete form to this idea was born. He too has had since long ago the desire to form an ensemble with similar characteristics. The collaboration with the “UTREMI Onlus” association and the "Stefano Scodanibbio” Civic School of music in Macerata is fundamental, since they will provide logistical and bureaucratic support to the project. The orchestra is committed to enriching the musical and cultural life starting from our country, with the ambition to export the project to nearby communities and to all of Europe. The ensemble is convinced that music and culture in general are fundamental in everyone's life and their diffusion in all layers of society can only be the best ambition. With interesting programming and personalized themes, the cultural life of our realities will be shed light, uniting the various cultures, as well as the professional and human experience of individual musicians. The ensemble described above will reside, in different parts of the year, in various Italian cities for ten days, in order to be able to rehearse, perform in concerts and actualize the work program. Also, during this time, the orchestra, through small chamber groups, will bring small concerts to places such as hospitals, nursing homes and community centres. The concerts will be recorded and shared online for future reference. Furthermore, we would like to include an Artist in Residence (artists of international fame, with whom we already have intense contacts), who would play an important role in both the educational and artistic aspects of the preparation of the ensemble. We deeply hope that you will be able to relate to our objectives and goals, trusting in a logistical and also financial support from you that will allow us to carry out this initiative that can only enrich our cities and our cultural life. Furthermore, the project, as structured, would also create an incredible opportunity for leading young musicians, opening them new perspectives both for the future and for the support of the Italian cultural sector.

Ensemble Agon is looking for...

Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Music / Opera / Tangible culture - historical sites and buildings / Tangible culture - Museums / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Intangible culture / Painting, drawing / Graphic arts / Photography / Sculpture / Digital arts / Film, Video / Graphic design / Creative writing

Target partner description
Residency Partner, we are looking for places that can host the project by offering spaces for the activities and concerts that the project has to offer. We want also to increase the prestige of the place so that the city or community recognizes the value of the place where the project will take place. Broadcast Partner, In order to expand the boundaries of the place and the AGON project we will need partners who will support us with audio and video recordings in order to prepare real streaming concerts on national and international channels.

Partner info:
Ensemble Agon

Fields of activity
Music / Intangible culture

ITALIA - Cremona


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