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Transformation NOW

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Sustainability is such an exploited word that it is almost banal but the artistic sector has seldom focused on the main theme which is to develop knowledge of the skills capable not only of making a TRANSFORMATION towards sustainable societies but also as capable of triggering actual transformation processes that have an impact both on artists and civil society. We would like to focus on 4 aspects whch are interconnected: 1. the fairness: what do we have to change in oder to organize an echolocial system where the individual values are respected and shared at any level? 2. inclusion: what do we have to change in oder to garantee acess to art to anybody and at any level 3. business model: what do we have to change in oder to create a future in which the economic resources in our sector are fairly distributed? 4. Ecological artistic production practices: what do we have to change in oder to produce/program with respect to natural ecosysystem? our idea is to carry out a research directly in the field, that can model best practices and therefore provide new tools for the entire sector that works as a stimulus for a real change.

Residenza IDRA is looking for...

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Theatre / Dance / Music / Circus art

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especially performing art festivals

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Residenza IDRA

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Theatre / Dance / Creative writing

ITALIA - Brescia


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