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CREATIVE EUROPE PROJECT our association plans to propose a project as part of the funding possibilities of the "Creative Europe 2022" call. Our idea is to put 2 different operas into production and then bring them to execution in the countries where the subjects in co-production are based. In detail, the production of an opera generally involves the use of the following human resources: Cast singers: from 6 to 10 elements. Chorus: 16 elements Orchestra: 40 elements Set designer, conductor, 2 master collaborators. In addition of course to scenes, costumes, make-up etc. The cast of singers, the choir and the scenography must be composed with the contribution of each participating subject, possibly with the use of competition selections. Possible title: EurOPERAndo. Or: THE EU TREE WAGON. The work should consist of this: dedicate about a week of time to rehearse at the location where the chosen orchestral players reside (because they are the most numerous and therefore travel costs are saved). Then you are ready to produce the fittings: 2 days for each country that is part of the project. The Creative Europe project provides, in the minimum form, a contribution of 80% with a maximum expenditure of € 200,000.00. With this contribution we should be able to make at least 6 productions, but if we are good even a few more. If your association is interested in taking an active part in the project, please get in touch with me through this email or at the following nr. phone: Master Gaetano Rizzitelli Bochicchio

APS - ETS Centro di Divulgazione Musicale Prof. Ruggero Rizzitelli is looking for...

Fields of activity
Theatre / Music / Opera

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associations that deal with classical music concerts or opera for symphony orchestra

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APS - ETS Centro di Divulgazione Musicale Prof. Ruggero Rizzitelli

Fields of activity
Music / Opera

ITALIA - Avigliano (Pz)

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