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The Green Effect. Transformation/evolution of the fashion industry

Short description
The documentary aims to clarify the complexity of sustainability in the fashion industry, informing consumers and inspiring professionals for a future that is still under construction… The last 2 years have reshaped the fashion industry. Recycling, alternative materials, digital fashion. For a few years, even the big brands have been in the pursuit of sustainability The docufilm will showcase both national and international, established and emerging designers whose sustainability practices are shaping a new fashion landscape. Paying particular attention to the world of reuse, the docufilm will show how emerging designers transform waste into unique, precious creations. By taking a look into their creative process, the film aims to promote sustainability and slow consumption as a lifestyle, not a trend. We will discuss the original slow fashion, haute couture. Sustainable by design, the attention to detail, quality of the materials, and the work of craftsmen and artists behind each creation There are many doubts about the initiatives of the giants of fashion. we will talk about it with those who know the behind the scenes of the sector Chemists, engineers, technicians, and economists the interviews will be addressed to the experts who have made sustainability their focus for years, who will guide us in the labyrinth of certifications between current and future legislation, the documentary aims to clarify and give ideas to consumers and professionals. Finally, we will discuss what the future holds: latest discoveries, new biodegradable materials, a circular economy, and the world of the metaverse between augmented and artificial reality

Associazione Eco Fashion Italy is looking for...

Fields of activity
Intangible culture / Graphic arts / Photography / Film, Video / Fashion design / Craftwork

Target partner description
The ideal partners are associations with the same goal and missions, sustainable brands, institutions that aim to inform and educate about sustainability in fashion and the negative effect of the industry on the environment.

Partner info:
Associazione Eco Fashion Italy

Fields of activity
Graphic arts / Photography / Film, Video / Fashion design / Craftwork

ITALIA - Lucca

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