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Project details

TRANS.HUMAN.C.E. - TRANSits in HUMAN Cultures and Environments

Short description
The project is a far-reaching intervention developing on several levels (artistic, scientific, literary, informative, economic, environmental ...) in relation to the world of Transhumance that intends to meet the specific and general priorities of the Call by providing: - the constant involvement of organizations, professionals, citizens and communities of the territories concerned, - the use of new digital technologies for the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, - respect for the environment and raising awareness of sustainable development and climate change, - enhancement of people belonging to socially marginalized groups such as shepherds. The most important objectives that TRANSHUMANCE intends to achieve are: 1. Contribute to the safeguarding, development and promotion of a specific European cultural heritage. 2. Involve communities and citizens in the interpretation, communication and presentation of cultural heritage 3. Increase sectoral economic potential. 4. Stimulate creativity through co-production and transnational circulation of artistic and cultural products 5. Apply digital technologies in the artistic and cultural field Target 1. Cultural heritage professionals 2. Experts and professionals in the fields of culture, learning and social 3. Local communities 4. Civil society organisations, 5. Economic operators 6. Trade associations 7. Local governments 8. Universities 9. General public Activities are planned: 1. analytical: a research on Transhumance and a research / experimentation for the establishment of a thematic territorial brand. 2. realization of artistic and cultural products: Theatre, Cinematography, Photography, Literary and Audiovisual Archives 3. mutual learning, exchange of good practices, cooperation in working meetings and workshops for practitioners. 4. awareness raising, information and dissemination.

Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi is looking for...

Fields of activity
Theatre / Tangible culture - historical sites and buildings / Tangible culture - Museums / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Intangible culture / Photography / Film, Video

Target partner description
We are applying for a Creative Europe Project On Transhumance. We are selecting a partner, preferably from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, France or Austria for the management of a Task related to Photography: Photo Contest, Exhibition, Virtual Gallery. The chosen partner must also be used in the research activity on the themes of Transhumance and organize a theatrical tour in his own country. Experience on the topics covered is required. The co-financing requested by the Call is 30%.

Partner info:
Associazione Nuovi Linguaggi

Fields of activity
Theatre / Intangible culture / Film, Video

ITALIA - Ancona


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