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Short description
The project aims at sensitize the general audience on gender equality and violence against women through some theatrical productions. We want to promote respect for women, empowering young people and above all involving young men, challenging gender roles and stereotypes. The starting point is our show on the figure of Clytemnestra through the voices of Aeschylus, Euripides and Marguerite Yourcenar. This could lead to a new transnational production made through a participatory theatre approach with local communities and women victims of abuse. Theatre companies involved in the project will jointly work with local communities. Specific attention will be also given to the involvement of schools with a twofold objective: theatre literacy for young generations and awareness raising on gender issues. RESULTS: - Sensitization of young people on issues related to gender-based violence; - Creation of an international network of partners that uses theatre and theatrical techniques on issues related to the theatre of denunciation - Dissemination and transnational circulation of shows related to gender equality - Creation of a transnational production on women victims of violence


Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Intangible culture

Target partner description
Schools, theatre companies, research institutes on humanities. Teatro Scientifico would like to join such a project as partner, as it is a small company with no experience in EU projects. - Setting up of a common methodology for the organisation and involvement of local communities of women sharing their experiences with theatre companies; - Creation of a transnational production on violence towards women; - Workshops in schools on theatre through centuries and gender issues (stereotype, prevarication, violence, femicide); - Study / research / publication on gender violence in literature and theatre (Clytemnestra, Medea, Franca Rame); - Circulation of the production in the countries involved - Analysis conducted by a team of sociologists on the reactions of the audience and the women directly involved in the production, after the shows.

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Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Music / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Intangible culture

ITALIA - Verona


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