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Sense (of) sharing

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The last 2 years have been characterized by events that have put a strain on the emotional strength and relational skills of our community, with the risk of devastating and potentially irreversible outcomes on social cohesion. These transformations have affected the new generations with greater gravity. Theater, as a practice of relationship and as a poetics of the "here and now" can be a useful answer to raise questions, trace paths and tend to solutions that help participants rediscover the need to be with the other, understand their point of sight and experience the real and concrete dimension, no less imaginative, of things. Sense (of) sharing is a project designed to respond to the need to return to inhabit "the other by itself" in an effective and satisfactory way: through a process of shared training and meeting of practices and visions, a group of n°3 partner subjects (united by being at the same time artistic nuclei and organizers of Festivals in the field of theater for the new generations) will increase the baggage of their specific skills on the languages ​​and tools of "making theater" (direction, acting techniques, scenography, light design, etc.) and at the same time they will meet the different educating communities of their respective territories (teachers, families, institutions and children) to weave and consolidate alliances based on methods and objectives, in order to raise awareness of the possibilities offered by theatrical practice in carrying out positive transformations in the relational / pedagogical (and therefore social) sphere, activate and amplify the audience communities of the respective festivals and collect re ideas for producing works based (such as themes and developed languages) on real needs.

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Subjects active at the same time as artistic nuclei and organizers of Festivals in the field of theater for the new generations

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A.S.D. L'Orto degli Ananassi

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ITALIA - Livorno


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