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Short description
The starting point is the festival NON C’E’ DIFFERENZA (There’s no difference) organised by Teatro Scientifico since 2014. The festival, that won the National Prize Olivetti in 2018, focuses on “the other” and promote respect and social inclusion. Our aim is to create a network of festivals dealing with diversity and disability. Activities: - Setting up of a joint methodology for the selection of the productions to be hosted by each festival; - Creation of a new production focused on diversity / disability and carried out through the organisation of a touring residency for “different” and “non different” artists. - Setting up of an audience development strategy aimed at increasing the awareness and the effectiveness of the cultural organisation dealing with disability and with inclusive issues. - Transnational development of the Italian project “AFFIDO CULTURALE” (CULTURAL FOSTER CARE). It foresees that parents used to go to the theatre and visit museums with their children, commit themselves in going also with another child that has never been in such places for different reasons. Primary schools should be actively involved in the organisation of workshops where theatre will be narrated to young pupils through a story-telling connected to the magic of theatre, professions linked to it. This will allow to reduce the distance between “non audience” and theatre. Theatre will become something closer, more understandable and simpler. Target areas of the project could be sub-urban slums.


Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Circus art / Puppetry / Intangible culture

Target partner description
Teatro Scientifico would like to join such a project as partner, as it is a small company with no experience in EU projects. Transnational circulation of theatre productions on disability / difference Audience development related to the inclusion of underrepresented groups or disadvantaged categories

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Fields of activity
Theatre / Dance / Music / Tangible culture - Libraries and archives / Intangible culture

ITALIA - Verona


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